Brand Story

VIV & LUL is a high-end children garment brand owned by Saihui International Trade Co., Ltd., which entered the domestic market in 2009 and has a good reputation. VIV & LUL targets at middle and high-end markets, whose target customers are successful people and white collars. He advocates the mission of ‘quality of life’. VIV&LUL children garments which are put at domestic markets have rich European style and show the classic Chinese traditional culture. They are also full of noble temperament. Fabric, trims and artwork are Eco-friendly and healthy and show the brand features. At present, physical stores and online stores can be found all over the second-tier cities in China, including Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenyang, Dalian, Haikou etc. Children underwear and homewear are sold at online channels, including independent official malls, Tmall, JD, VIPSHOP etc.
VIV&LUL takes the responsibility of providing high-quality life for children and carry out target design. VIV&LUL forms the noble and elegant style. He also introduces personalized and fashionable elements. His design concept is ‘health, individuality, elegance and fashion’. VIV&LUL advocates healthy, fashionable and high-end Eco-friendly children garments, Which is EKIDS H&H.
VIV&LUL has a series of products, including children outwear, underwear and homewear. VIV&LUL combines the Eastern gentleness with Western romance, providing personalized children garments show for Chinese people. VIV&LUL creates new ideas and home feeling and improves children’s quality of life. VIV&LUL gives children the real cultural enjoyment and experience.
LOVE FOR KIDS is a mobile chain business platform owned by Saihui International Trade CO., Ltd which is a E-commerce providing service for mothers. She aims at letting mothers open stores easily and study anywhere and anytime. She is the preferred platform for mothers to start a business, study, communicate and go shopping.
LOVE FOR KIDS advocates the mission of ‘quality of life’. She also focuses on providing high-quality life for mothers. Come to LOVE FOR KIDS and experience the sense of quality, safety and happiness.
LOVE FOR KIDS focuses on providing high-quality garments. She helps mothers with dreams achieve healthy, happy, successful and harmonious life.
LOVE FOR KIDS-garment mobile chain business platform, start happy life for mothers.



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