Love in myanmar

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                               Since Saiform' establish in myanmar in December 2015, great love has taken root in myanmar, and the monthly good deeds have never changed.





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                               The scene of last month's visit to moby temple is still vivid, and the children's smiling faces are still in our minds, and the monthly good deeds comes again.

                               Yesterday, the representation of Saiform international, came to a disabled adoption agency in myanmar.President Yao led the team, along with six staff representatives and two Japanese guests.



                                      With their own unique way, they express their enthusiasm. The joy of the scene is infectious to everyone. Their optimism and self-confidence are touching.


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                                     We brought them rice, oil, clothes, and donated some money, doing good, we didn't need applause, we just insisted "do it."  Keep doing simple things and be wish to bring them warmth.


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                                                                                     Making good deeds is a habit.

                                                                                     It is something we have been holding on to.


                                                                                     Happiness is created, love is made, and VIV&LUL is in action.

                                                                                     We are always on the road......









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