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Nov. 2nd,2017 is a special day for Saiform staff. There was a group birthday party was held in Saifom Industrial Park. The Saiform employees born in November were invited to spend their birthday party together with their parents in Saiofrm Industrial Park.



[News] Monthly Welldoing in Myanmar

Saiform peolpe in Myanmar bring daily necessities to local people who need help and support.



[News] Exhibition News

President Yao was invited to attend 2017 Autumn and Winter Show hold by FO International in Osaka on 5th of June.The shows attracted 170 wholesalers to place orders. Saiform International Trade is one of the few premium vendors among the attendees.



[News] Love Group News

In January 2017, the Love Group has vistied 9 inner needy families and 10 needy families clos to our factory. From helping needly employees to poor villages near the factory, Viv&luL has spent plenty of time,energy and passion in it, because we think this is of great blessings.We’re honored to becom



[News] Eco-friendly News

On the afternoon of March 11, 2017, all the members of the Company organized the public welfare activities of sweeping corridors and picking up trash, respectively, at Sai Hui International Trade Office Building and Sai Hui International Industrial Park. Through this event, Sai Hui staff have a deep

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