Start the New Year with love

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    Since December 2015,when Saiform came to myanmar,the great love has been taking root in myanmar and the monthly good deed has never changed.


    On January28,2018 ,the family of Saiform(myanmar) came to moby orphanage again to visit the children here.We don't care how much the material is because every 

time we meet we give them the satisfaction of being cared in their hearts.Every child is an angle in our hearts.


               微信图片_20180130104826.jpg   微信图片_20180130104833.jpg

                                         Limited supplies,

                                         but warm you and me.

                                         BLessing is infinite。

                                         Wish babies grow happily in the new year!

                               微信图片_20180130134135.jpg 微信图片_20180130134141.jpg

           In the second stop,the people of SAIFORM went to visit the fire refugees in a small village in laidaya,yangon,myanmar.

                             微信图片_20180130135224.jpg 微信图片_20180130135232.jpg

           There were 305 fire refugees,who lived together in a temple empty house,temporarily occupied,but warm,but not displaced.

                             微信图片_20180130140346.jpg 微信图片_20180130140354.jpg

           We have donated 6 cases of clothes,as well as a amount of instant noodles,a little heart,much warm.

                                 Happiness is created,love is made,let's cheer up together in 2018 !




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